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Residential Custom Homes

If the idea of living in a planned community and having the same house as your neighbor five doors down is not ideal, it’s time to think about building a truly custom home in Illinois. While it’s not as easy as touring a few model homes and picking your spot in the neighborhood, the payoff is a home you can truly call your own that’s built to your specifications – not what the designer built for you. Whether you want an eco-friendly home that will take care of your family for generations to come, or you simply want higher standards and custom features not found elsewhere, Barriere Construction – the leading Downer’s Grove and Naperville custom home builders and remodelers – has the experience, expertise and meticulous eye for detail needed to turn your dreams into reality.

Here's Why Barriere Construction Should Be Your Custom Home Builders

We know that selecting a home builders Illinois is a significant undertaking. You’re putting your hopes, your dreams, and your vision for your personal home into the hands of someone else and trusting they will get it right.

At Barriere Construction, it is our personal promise and guarantee that we will get it right. We understand certain ideas have certain purposes, and we want to bring those to life for you.

We have roots in the homebuilding industry dating back to 1866, and we have put all of those years to good use, keeping abreast of building technology and pioneering the eco-friendly homebuilding movement. Today, we are the leading authority in high-performance home building, standing apart from other builders by creating stylish, energy-efficient custom homes with as many eco-friendly green materials and features as possible. The result is a home that will truly give back for many, many years to come in the form of reduced energy costs, better indoor air quality, more durable construction materials, and a minimal impact on the environment. We put into it what we expect out of it.

Interested in the Barriere Construction custom home building process? Keep reading below to learn more about how we go about our custom home design process. 

Step #1 - Let's Get to Know Each Other

Understand that we’re more than just builders. We’re your partner in this process, and we take the notion of getting to know our clients very seriously. From our very first meeting, we make it our goal to get to know you, what you like, and why you want the features that you want in a home. Having open dialogue and honest, personal communication is so important if we are to succeed at getting every detail of your new home just right.

Step #2 - The Design Process

This is when things get really fun. We’re putting your vision to paper and bringing it to life before your very eyes. There will be tweaks – lots of them, no doubt. But we promise to make it a smooth, stress-free process that you will truly enjoy as you see your new home take shape. Not until you are completely satisfied with the plans will we move on to the next phase. We take what we do seriously and our work shows that. 

Step #3 - Material and Product Selection

Many first-time or new homebuilders feel intimidated or overwhelmed at this point because there is a seemingly endless selection of materials and products to choose from. The good thing is that we have made it a point to get to know you and your personal style and preference. We take your preferences and marry them with the trusted names in high-performance, eco-friendly products and materials that we use, and present you with a streamlined set of options that are already in line with your vision. We understand this process is tiresome, but we are here to make it as smooth of a process as possible.

Step #4 - Site Evaluation

We will survey your property to configure your new home to take advantage of the natural elements. As a green builder, part of our design process in building our custom homes involves incorporating healthy trees and landscaping into the plan; we will never come in and just raze the lot. Taking into account any existing utilities and regulations, we will then place markers and prepare for construction.

Step #5 - Construction

By far the most exciting phase, this is when you get to see your new home start to become a reality. We will give you a construction schedule before we even break ground so that you know exactly what to expect for each phase. We will invite you to the site many times over the course of construction; not just to show you progress and discuss ideas, but so that you can see the multiple layers of eco-friendly building elements that are going into your home. We want you to understand your home’s new features, how to use and maintain them, and how they will benefit you.

Step #6 - Walk Through & Move In

You will do several walk-ins for quality control and finally, to ensure every miniscule detail is satisfactory to you. These are custom homes built to your specifications, after all. Between manufacturers’ warranties and our own construction warranty, you can be rest assured knowing that your home was built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and that it will be defect-free for many years to come.

Finally, we hand you the key to your new dream home and your new life begins.

Ready to Take the First Step in Building your Custom Home?