About Barriere Construction

Our Mission

As third-generation, ENERGY STAR Certified custom home builders, the team at Barriere Construction work tirelessly to create the home you and your family have been dreaming of. We have a finger to the pulse of the industry, paired with a collaborative, “customer-centric” approach to each house we build. The result is not only a stylish, Energy Star Certified home, but a worry free, custom home building and home renovations experience. We consistently prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance. For decades, our process has been rooted in excellence, with a name that has grown to become the most trusted custom home builders in the Chicago-land area when it comes to building energy efficient custom homes.

Future Focused

At Barriere we are future focused, and we mean it. Now more than ever health and safety are of the utmost importance to families across the world. Each house we build is constructed with a fresh air intake system that results in a superior air quality, and comes solar ready with a 3 year craftsmanship warranty.  Our custom built homes come with timeless curb appeal and are guaranteed to retain value.

High Performance

High performing homes are the cornerstone of our business. Barriere Construction builds each home with energy efficient staples such as thermal barriers, eco seal, tank-less water heaters and sealed ducting. We have the experience, insight and ENERGY STAR Certification to ensure your custom built home will not only look great, but save you money over time as well.

Luxury Homes

Each Barriere custom home exudes a unique sense of luxury, and is built with unparalleled craftsmanship. From the high end finishes, to each top tier product we use to tie your house together, you will in fall in love with your home time and time again. You can trust Barriere Construction and their team of dedicated professionals to build the ideal home for you and your family, down to the finest detail.

Our Team

Adam Barry: Owner

Jennifer B: Comptroller

Ken F: Superintendent

Eric B: Property Acquisitions

Angela E: Office Manager

Company Pedigree

  • 1866-1943

    Wilfred Hormidas Barriere

    Wilfred Hormidas Barriere Stared life in Richelieu, Quebec. Sometime after 1881, he moved to Worcester Massachusetts and had eight children. He began building lunch wagons in 1906 and, in 1926, started manufacturing and building diners in his backyard and on-site, which were so well crafted that they were hard to distinguish from factory-built diners.

  • 1902-1984

    Olivia Romera Barriere

    Olivia Romera Barriere Started life in Worcester, Massachusetts and eventually settled in Geneva, Illinois, where he is the father of five. He spent most of his career at Elmhurst Hospital but also managed an apartment building in Downers Grove later in life.

  • 1937-2003

    Wilfred Oliva Barry

    Wilfred Oliva Barry Started life in California. Most of his life he resided in Du Page County. Illinois. Wilfred had the building bug, he originally started a painting company which morphed into D’abar Builders Inc in 1961. He was best known for owning apartment buildings in Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Westmont and Naperville, and for developing subdivisions. Wilfred was married three times and had 4 children.

  • 1957-Present

    Thomas Joseph Barry

    Thomas Joseph Barry started life in Elmhurst and currently lives in Downers Grove, where he is the father of three. Tom started as a teenager working for D’abar, which he now owns. He moved the company forward by building custom homes ranging in price from $400,000 to $2 million that are primarily located in Downers Grove, Naperville, St. Charles and Westmont. His latest projects are custom townhomes in Westmont.

  • 1983-Present

    Adam Barry

    Adam Barry Started life in 1983 and currently lives in Downers Grove with his high school sweetheart-turned-wife and five children. Adam was previously the Project Manager for his father’s business. His passion is building high-performance homes that are energy efficient and exude the highest standards in quality craftsmanship.