Green Building

Green Building

At Barriere Construction, we understand that green building is far more than just a fleeting trend. Today’s homeowners are truly committed to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle as evidenced in the surge of electric cars on the road and solar panels on roofs.

To meet this growing demand, Barriere Construction has made it our mission to be the leading authority in high-performance, “green” home building. What does green construction really mean, in practical terms? It means your home will hold greater value and require less maintenance, have lower utility bills and cost less to own, be environmentally-friendly, and provide improved comfort and better health.

Energy Efficient

Barriere Construction homes are third-party verified and tested to be ENERGY STAR certified. This means our homes meet the strict energy performance standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our homes have HERS scores under 60, meaning they are more than 40% more energy efficient than a standard new home. A lot goes into building an energy-efficient home, including:

  • Regulation of indoor temperature with DOW Styrofoam insulation boards on exterior walls
  • Preventing energy loss and air leaks with elastomeric sealant on exterior stud walls
  • Insulating walls and attic with blown-in cellulose for high-performance insulation and noise reduction
  • Reducing energy loss through the basement with DOW Styrofoam insulation boards
  • 16 SEER air conditioning units and high-performance gas furnaces appropriate for the size of the home
  • Preventing air leakage and improving heating and cooling efficiency with sealed ducts, supply and return
  • Controlling heating and cooling and reducing energy costs with zoned thermostats
  • Saving energy with ENERGY STAR appliances throughout the home and CFL lighting
  • Regulating attic temperature with a roof-mounted ventilation system

Planning to Build a Green Home

True green building goes beyond using sustainable materials and installing energy-efficient appliances. The process starts in the planning phase as we look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of construction, which includes:

  • Best use of land so healthy trees and landscape are left intact
  • Plan to reduce the amount of construction waste produced
  • Recycling partnership to sort construction waste
  • Reuse of material when possible, such as with concrete forms
  • Preventing erosion construction with silt fencing

Solar Panels

Solar panels are an excellent way to harness the energy of the sun and drastically reduce energy costs. Barriere Construction will:

  • Calculate the energy consumption of the home
  • Help you decide whether you want a stand-alone or grid-connected system
  • Select the appropriate solar system for your needs

Water Conservation

Barriere Construction is committed to water efficiency both inside and outside every home we build. This is accomplished by:

  • Selecting native trees and landscaping that require little water
  • ENERGY STAR washing machines and dishwashers that reduce water use
  • Low flow faucets, shower heads and toilets that use less water yet maintain pressure

Indoor Air Quality

Recent studies on air pollution show alarming figures on the quality of indoor air versus outdoor air, even in highly-polluted cities. When people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, air quality is a critical consideration that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Barriere Construction is committed to improved indoor air quality in all of our homes through:

  • Increased ventilation with perforated soffits
  • Gypsum drywall with formaldehyde-absorbing technology that cleans the air
  • Zero VOC paints and stains
  • Attic ventilation and central humidifier systems regular air flow and humidity
  • Mechanical ventilation system moves stale air out and brings fresh air in
  • MERV 8 air filters
  • Waterproofed foundation prevents moisture and mold in basement

Getting Homeowners Involved

A high-performance ENERGY STAR home is just the first part of green building. Educating homeowners about the features of their new eco-home ensures they get the most out of it for generations to come. Barriere Construction makes each homeowner a part of the construction process from start to finish through:

  • Site visits so homeowners understand the eco-building construction process, materials and techniques
  • Closing walk-through to get familiar with the home’s features and how to use and maintain them
  • Resources available beyond closing