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Adding An Addition Onto Your House: What You Need To Know

House additions come in a few basic types to address homeowners’ needs for living space, cost, and style. House additions range from low-cost, do-it-yourself sunrooms that only can be called minimal additions, to more expensive, full-size additions. Garage conversions can even legitimately be called additions since so much living area is added at once. Traditionally, a house addition is a multi-room structure that is built onto the side of a house and is permanently open to the main house. When built well enough, an addition blends into the house itself, becoming more of an extension. Custom Home Builder

Popular Room Additions

Kitchen Addition

A kitchen’s design can make or break your home. A kitchen that is too small or poorly designed can make a home a disaster. A large, well-designed kitchen is essential if you love to entertain and cook. Consider the look you want your new kitchen to look. You can find kitchen plans online and make your own mockup. You can also hire an architect to help you realize your visions.
Consider whether your cabinets and appliances will need to be replaced when you are considering adding a kitchen. Although these are costly, you should consider whether or not to replace your appliances and cabinetry with your new addition. Otherwise, your kitchen will feel cluttered and unfinished.

Sunroom Addition

Even the smallest home can be transformed by a beautiful sunroom. These rooms allow in lots of natural light. A sunroom can bring a lot of light into your home, whether you are looking to enclose an existing porch or build off your front door.
There are many types of sunrooms available, including solariums, sunrooms for all seasons, and sunrooms that can be used in four-seasons. The three-season sunrooms cannot be used during the coldest months because they are not well-insulated.

Bathroom Addition

A bathroom is a great way to increase your home’s value. A closet or area under the stairs could be converted into a water closet. Or you could add a whole new room. The more you add, the more expensive it will be.
You should inspect your plumbing before you start planning your bathroom remodel. Are there any existing waste and water piping nearby where you plan to place the new bathroom? The piping will be there if you are putting the bathroom into an unfinished basement.
If you are considering adding a bathroom to your home, you will likely have to spend more for the pipe. These costs can quickly add up, especially when you consider the cost of fixtures.
Even though a bathroom addition can be costly, it can increase your home’s value. Imagine how much more attractive a home with 2 bathrooms is than one. You can see why a second bathroom is so important if you have growing children or houseguests.

Home Office Addition

A functional home office is becoming more important as more people work from home. You could convert a bedroom or part of your basement into an office, but if neither of these are available, it is worth considering adding an office.
A home office is a place where you can work in a quiet environment. A home office is a great alternative to renting or purchasing commercial space for small business owners.
The cost to add a home office will vary depending on how big the room is and what fixtures you choose. You could also make the office a bedroom and list it in your house if you decide to sell. This will increase your house’s resale price.

Garage Addition

A garage can be a great way to increase the value of your home if it is not garage-ready or you are in dire need of additional storage. It is important to consider the location of your driveway and where the garage will be placed.
Although a freestanding garage can be more costly than an attached garage, it is less difficult to construct. While a freestanding garage can keep dust and odors away from your home, an attached garage allows you to easily access the garage from your home. Bad weather makes this even easier.
Like other additions, ensure that the garage addition is in harmony with the existing home’s architecture.

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